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About the Conference Videos

Orthodontists, United!  MOPC 2018, held in October of 2018, was a meeting for orthodontists, by orthodontists. There were no gimmicks, fluff, or celebrities; just a pearl-packed educational opportunity from respected voices that was designed to transform your practice with actionable tips and tricks with a fantastic ROI. There was guidance to help bridge the gap between epiphany and implementation, to help you to start DOING. This conference was Infinitely more valuable than a few helpful pearls . . . this was The Mother of Pearls – Don’t miss out on the video and audio recordings of MOPC 2018. All proceeds go directly toward bringing you an even better MOPC 2019!

Speaker Bios and Topics

Brian Anderson

MOPC 2018; Strengthening Our Specialty Together
& Be a Force for Good
Video & Audio

Dr. Anderson graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brigham Young University, after which he attended dental school at the University of Iowa. As a dental student, he scored in the 97th percentile nationwide on both the National Board Dental Exam Parts I and II. Brian loved earning his orthodontic specialty training at the University of Minnesota.

Brian is in private practice in Utah and Nevada. He loves orthodontics because he feels ”flow”-a feeling of ”energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process”-,every day at work. His passion for orthodontics led him to create the Facebook group Orthodontic Pearls, where he enjoys learning and interacting with colleagues and friends. His personal interests include sports, exercise, art (he’s a gallery-featured sculptor), travel, community service, and spending time with friends and family. Dr. Anderson and his wife, Mindy, have three beautiful girls and a baby boy.

Douglas Andrew

Ten Keys to Dramatically Transform Your Practice by 10X and Establish a Profitable Career
Video & Audio

Douglas Andrew is a popular speaker, columnist and multi-bestselling author on both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal lists. He just released his eleventh book and was interviewed on Best-Seller TV, NASDAQ and CNBC. His weekly national “Live Abundant Radio” show is in its tenth year of being aired. Doug teaches unique principles of wealth, health and life fulfillment. He is regularly featured for his transformational viewpoints and perspectives in national publications including Forbes, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Huffington Post, and has recently become a popular contributor to Harvard Business Review. He is most grateful to maximize his personal true wealth with the greatest treasures of all—his wife of 44 years, Sharee, and their six children, with spouses and sixteen grandchildren. Doug and Sharee have mentored thousands of troubled youth and they actively volunteer in organizations for teenage suicide prevention.
  • How to identify and focus on the profile of your ideal patient
  • How to move your professional objectives to the highest value level
  • How to provide greater clarity, balance, focus and confidence for your patients
  • How to create more opportunities than you have capability to seize.
Oleg Einstein

Oleg Eisenstein

3D Printing and In-House Aligners
Video & Audio

Dr. Eisenstein was born in Russia. He attended the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, graduating in 2002. He then progressed to Jacksonville University for his Orthodontic residency, graduating in 2008.

  • How to properly and efficiently fabricate in-house aligners
  • How to incorporate into your office workflow
Dwight Frey

Dwight Frey

Defining Esthetic Goals
Video & Audio

Dr. Frey graduated with honors from the University of Michigan and from Northwestern University Dental School. He completed a General Practice Residency Program at the University of Colorado Health Science Center before obtaining his Specialty degree in Orthodontics from Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.

Dr. Frey was a contributing author to the TAD Clinical Reference Guide by Dentaurum and the Invisalign Innovation Leadership Panel. He is also the author of “SAP & VIP: Making Smiles Great Again!” and the creator of the VIP and MTD concepts and the RGB System of Orthodontic Classification.

Dr. Frey is passionate about enhancing the Cosmetic Focus and Clinical Techniques of Orthodontists Worldwide and has lectured both Nationally and Internationally on the topic of Cosmetics in Orthodontics. Dr. Frey lives in the Chicago suburbs with his lovely wife Shannon and three children, Chase, Kirby, and Carter. His interests include spending time with family, golf, skiing, cycling and all Chicago sports.

  • Understanding why esthetics is the future of orthodontics
  • Clearly define esthetic goal positions
  • Learn 6 key steps to achieve your esthetic goals
  • Case examples of the WOW esthetics and efficiency when you put it all together
Ann Marie Gorczyca

Ann Marie Gorczyca

101 Marketing Pearls for a Successful Orthodontic Practice
Audio Only

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca has been a clinical orthodontist for over 25 years. After completion of her orthodontic residency program, she worked with world reknown orthodontist Dr. T.M. Graber in Evanston, Illinois. Since moving to California, she has taught at both UCSF and University of the Pacific Dental Schools and worked in a multispeciality group practice prior to opening her own orthodontic office in Antioch, California.

Dr. Gorczyca opened Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch in 1996. She has enjoyed serving the great East County community including her patients, the community and greater East Contra County dentists. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Gorczyca is an adjunct clinical professor at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific. She has also taught at UCSF Dental School, and Northwestern Dental School.

She is author of the book It All Starts with Marketing and is a frequent lecturer on dental management. Dr. Gorczyca is also founder of the East Contra Costa County American Association of Dental Office Managers Study Club (AADOM).

  • Learn ways to participate in the community to build practice awareness
  • Gain insights for networking wit your dental and medical colleagues
  • Understand what patients love and what motivates them to endorse your practice to family and friends
  • Recognize the many roles the dentist, team members and patients play in the acquisition of new patients
  • Create your individual marketing calendar for implementation in your office
  • Know how to make your patients feel special, your team more engaged, and your office just a little more fun.

Cole Johnson

Master of your Team, Captain of your Soul
Video & Audio

Dr. Johnson was born in Salem, OR.  He got his undergrad degree in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University Idaho.  Dr. Johnson attended Oregon Health & Science University for his dental degree and then was accepted at the Virginia Commonwealth University for Orthodontic residency.  He currently owns a practice in Salem, OR.  Dr. Johnson enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Hiring pearls
  • Team development
  • Language to use when disciplining your team
  • Language to use when firing an employee

Greg Jorgensen

A Dozen Pearls from My First 25 years
Video & Audio

Dr. Greg Jorgensen has been in the private practice of orthodontics since 2012. He attended BYU, Wash U in St. Louis, and the University of Iowa. He is the President of the New Mexico Association of Orthodontics and currently serves on the AAO’s Council on Communications. He has published numerous professional articles and lectures nationwide.

  • To provide 12 techniques, concepts or ideas to take back to your practice the very next day that will help you provide better, more efficient orthodontic treatments for your patients.

Kliff Kapus

Zen and the Art of Orthodontics
Video & Audio

Former exotic animal handler & molecular biologist, Graduated UOP dental Class of 97 and UOP ortho residency 1999. Private practice in Cupertino, CA in 1999 and then in Livermore, CA in 2007 to present.

  • How to establish a work-life balance through the exploration and use of concepts and practices from Zen Buddhism.

Bob Miller

Orthodontic Wow-ism
Video & Audio

Having earned his B.S. degree in Zoology from the Clemson University in 1979, Dr. Miller went on to receive his DMD degree in 1983 from The Medical University of South Carolina. After dental school, Dr. Miller completed an orthodontic residency at the Medical College of Virginia in 1985.

After completing his orthodontic residency, Dr. Miller served proudly in the USAF where he was Chief of Orthodontics at Clark Air Base in the Philippines for three years. Dr. Miller began practicing in Culpeper Virginia in 1988 and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics in 1992. He later voluntarily recertified in 2006.  Dr. Miller is a past president of the Virginia Association of Orthodontics (1995).

He is a pioneer in the area of orthopedic correctors, having developed the Flip Lock™ Herbst device in the early 1990′s. Recently, Dr Miller assisted in the development of the Esprit™ spring and now lectures worldwide on this latest, most technologically advanced Class II corrector.

  • Clinical and practice management pearls within a compliance free office, to create happy patients that refer family and friends.
  • Clinical tips including compliance-free mechanics (including INBRACE and XBOW).
  • Practice management and social media tips on how to create a “magnetic field: around your practice to attract patients.

Brandon Owen

Digital-CAD/CAM Orthodontics: Ushering a New Golden Age for the Profession
Video & Audio

Brandon Owen has been in private practice in Fort Collins, CO since 2006. Professional memberships include the Midwest Angle Society, ABO, CDABO, ICD, PFA, OKU, and AAFE. He is a board member and secretary of the American Lingual Orthodontic Association and is a board member and Chair of the Innovation Committee for Delta Dental CO. He has 6 patents and numerous patents pending. As the inventor of the forthcoming KLOwen custom bracket appliance, he has been offered contracts to lead digital product development for 3 of the 4 largest bracket companies in the world. He spent over 3 years with GAC Dentsply as a clinical lead on their lingual and digital products. He lectures globally on the topics of CAD/CAM Orthodontics, Lingual Braces, and TMD.
  • How CAD/CAM fixed appliances can make us more efficient and better clinicians
  • How to utilize custom CAD/CAM braces
  • The skills every practitioner will need to master for the digital revolution

John Pham

The Future is Now — For Orthodontists, By Orthodontists
Video & Audio

Dr. John Pham is a 3x entrepreneur, engineer, and ABO certified orthodontist. Drawing on +20 years of high technology startup and engineering experience, Dr.Pham is bringing disruptive change to dentistry as CEO and co-founder of INBRACE, an innovative paradigm shift in aesthetic orthodontic treatment. His research is featured in numerous cover articles in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, and he is frequently invited to speak on cutting edge technology topics at industry association meetings, orthodontic conferences, and residency programs. Dr. Pham completed his orthodontic residency at USC, where he currently leads the Advanced Orthodontics and Viterbi Engineering technology group.
  • How to mobilize in the face of change
  • How to be a change agent in your profession
  • How to imagine, innovate, and invent the new you

Tom Pitts

WOW Esthetics with Efficiency, Techniques for Smile Arc and Vertical Incisor Display, Non-Extraction Biomechanics for Crowding, and How to Avoid Anterior Flaring
Audio Only

Dr. Pitts is a world-renowned lecturer and clinician. He is highly recognized for his continued teaching of orthodontic finishing and clinical excellence. Dr. Pitts is a clinical professor at UNLV and founder of the well-respected Pitts Progressive Study Group, Masters Continuum, and Pitts 21 Study Group.

Dr. Pitts has been published in multiple journals and clinical publications and is the Editor of The Protocol magazine. He has been actively teaching the orthodontic community in a variety of setting both nationally and internationally since 1986.

Dr. Pitts is now practicing at Ortho Country Orthodontics in McMinnville, Oregon

  • Techniques for a smile-arc and vertical incisor display
  • Biomechanics for non-extraction treatment for crowding
  • How to avoid anterior incisor flaring

John Pobanz

Pobanz Pearl Jam 2018
Audio Only

Bio. Dr. John Pobanz has owned and operated  Pobanz Orthodontics in his hometown of Ogden Utah for 20 years. He loves to share Pearls with anyone who will listen. In his spare time ; he teaches at UNLV, and hangs out with his wife Angela. He snow skis, runs trails and loves on his kids and team. Getting a little better everyday is his mantra.

  • How to execute en-masse movements
  • How to thrive in team management
  • How to enjoy relationship marketing

Dovi Prero

Get your patients to love you: Delivering Outstanding customer service and creating a loyal fan base through focusing on small details
Video & Audio

  • How to make your patients into your followers
  • Understand how to meet your patient’s expectations and supersede them
  • How to turn a consult into a life changing experience for your patient and in turn transform them into a practice ambassador
  • Learn the tipping point at which a patient goes from being grateful to you, to becoming indebted to you.

Adam Schulhoff

Be a Master, not a Tool
Video & Audio

Dr Schulhof graduated with high honors from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and received his specialty training from Columbia University. His early interest in Lingual Orthodontics and esthetic treatment has led to his becoming a top provider of Incognito in the USA and the world. Dr Schulhof was part of the LingualCare Clinical Advisory Board and is now a Key Opinion Leader for 3M. He has presented lectures on lingual orthodontics, esthetic treatment, practice management and marketing throughout the US and worldwide. Dr Schulhof is also active in research and development and is the developer of Incognito Lite.

For patients looking for traditional treatment, Dr Schulhof’s approach is still exceptional. “Each patient is unique, and deserves unique and personalized treatment” Says Dr Schulhof.”  At The Schulhof Center treatment options consist of customized esthetic treatment using Aligners, Lingual or Ceramic labial systems to express a bespoke final result for each patient.

Dr Schulhof believes that the future of the specialty lies with amazing practitioners having both the choices and the right tools to treat each patient based on their biomechanical, lifestyle and esthetics needs.

  • In today’s world of appliance-defined treatment planning and marketing, unleash your full potential as a specialist by tapping into your “know how” to create bespoke treatment for your patients.
  • Utilize combination and hybrid treatment and differentiate yourself and your practice by delivering uncompromised orthodontic treatments that patient love.

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